Q..Are your Flower Walls easy to move around?

A.. Our FlowerWalls are heavy..they are made from around 2000 silk flowers ( not the light weight imported panels) and are therefore difficult to move around.So we advise you decide where you want it placed and leave it there for the day.

Q..Can the LOVE Letters be moved around?

A..Yes LOVE letters are light weight and don’t require a socket as run off LED Batteries so are easy to move.

Q..Is there a delivery charge?

A..Yes thee is a delivery charge based on location ..usually €35 per hour travel time, so for example if your church/ venue is 2 hours drive from us the travel charge will be €70.

Q..How long Does it take to Decorate a Church/Ceremony?

A..Usually about 2-2.5 hours

Q..How much Deposit is required to secure a booking ?

A..We take €100 (non refundable) Save The Date Deposit with final Balance to be paid through Bank Transfer 1 week before wedding or Cash on the day of wedding , whichever suits you best.

Q.. Do you hire items out individually?

A.. Items in Our Church/ Venue Decoration Packages cannot be hired out individually as we need to keep the Packages together .
Our Flower Walls and LOVE Letters can be rented separately.